Learning more about Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE

Types of Forex trading signals

If you want to make the most of your collaboration with the investment company founded by Alexey Kirienko, you need to be aware of the major types of Forex trading signals.

In fact, Forex signals can be long-term, medium-term, and short-term. That’s a conditional division based on which timeframe a signal is generated. The higher the time frame, the more reliable the signal is. Minute time frames contain numerous market noises, so they may be less reliable. Moreover, it’s highly desirable that the signals are confirmed by several proven methods and indicators, which is difficult to do in the short term.


With great attention, you need to approach the use of third-party trading signals with a small level of deposit. It’s necessary to carefully weigh your risks. You need to make sure that they comply with the requirements for managing money under your conditions. If the signal parameters do not contradict your specific conditions, you can consider using them in your daily work with the company established by Kirienko.

One can’t understate the whole importance of independent analysis of Forex trading signals based on technical or other analysis methods. In any case, third-party trading signals should be approached critically.

With extreme caution, you should use third-party trading signals when connecting advisers and automatic trading robots based on such signals. Even if you think the signal provider is trustworthy enough, you need to do your best to limit the level of your risk.

Forex signals: duration

Real Forex signals always have a limited duration. However, it’s rather difficult to predict in advance when this or that signal will give you a prompt. In general, the smaller the time frame on which the signal is analyzed and generated, the faster the signal can show up or vanish.

When scalping, signals can occur for a very short period of time. Therefore, they are usually very simple and do not require comprehensive analysis. In this case, profit is achieved through a large number of transactions and also the volume of these deals. The transaction volume also plays a crucial role in strategies aimed at generating small profit in points on a specific instrument for a short period of time.

At the same time, if a trader adheres to a conservative strategy, then the signal should be double-checked from the point of view of various factors and systems that will reasonably indicate the most probable entry and exit points to the market.

Key benefits of the EXANTE broker

Even a well-prepared trader in terms of theory and psychology is bound to fail without a reliable broker. Fortunately, such a broker already exists. It’s EXANTE that appeared in 2011. Alexey Kirienko is its founder.

The company focuses on professional investors. Therefore, these clients can count on a wide range of markets, a good choice of financial instruments as well as other things crucial for making big money by trading a variety of assets.

These are the key benefits of working with this broker:

  • A simple and quick registration procedure;
  • Great customer support ready to handle your issues day and night;
  • Attractive fees;
  • A user-friendly and highly-effective trading terminal already compatible with different operating systems;
  • More than 50 different markets;
  • More than 15,000 financial instruments;
  • Absolute security.

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