It’s time to make money with the EXANTE brokerage company

A closer look at the EXANTE brokerage company

If you are interested in online investment, it makes sense for you to pay attention to a young and promising broker EXANTE. On their official website, they dare to define themselves as an investment company, however, the services they provide are more versatile than you probably expect. Using this provider, you can conveniently work in the Forex market like with any other broker online. What’s more, EXANTE offers a slew of interesting opportunities. Let’s view them in detail here below. We’ll uncover some exclusive information, you can hardly find in other EXANTE broker reviews.

History of the EXANTE broker

EXANTE  has been working in the industry  since 2011. The head office is located in London. Moreover, there are representative offices in other parts of the world.

The Global Hedge Capital Fund acted as the foundation of the brokerage company. The broker was founded by Alexei Kiriyenko, who successfully traded from the first half of the 2000s. Vladimir Maslyakov and Anatoly Knyazev greatly contributed to the technical component of the company.

Broker regulation

It’s clear that all traders put much value on the reliability of the broker they are interested in. Well, we can assure you that in this regard, EXANTE doesn’t have any problems. It has a license of the following financial watchdogs:

  • FCA (UK)
  • SFC (Hong Kong)
  • MFSA
  • CySEC

Besides this, we should note that the money of clients and the company is stored in separate accounts. It means that the broker’s funds do not mix with the clients’ money. Furthermore, the broker’s representatives do not have access to them. Therefore, in case of bankruptcy, clients are still guaranteed to receive their money. For greater reliability, EXANTE broker stores those funds in the accounts of several dozen banks.

Trading conditions of the broker

In terms of trading conditions, the company is at the level of the best brokers. You are welcome to compare it with the top-notch brokers using a variety of reviews online.

  • The key feature is the availability of a single account for absolutely all markets. By simply registering here you get direct market access to HKEX, NYSE, MOEX, CBOE, NYMEX as well as key European trading venues.
  • The overall number of available instruments exceeds 150,000. You can virtually trade anything you want: stocks, currency pairs, commodities, options, futures, digital currencies and so on.
  • The minimum deposit for an individual is €10,000, while corporate clients will have to deposit at least €50,000.
  • Aside from the common currency and the US dollar, the UK pound, the Japanese yen and other currencies are supported.
  • For currency pairs, spreads start from 0.3 points on the currency pair EUR/USD. As for other majors, it’s a bit higher, although still below 1.0 points. In the reviews, traders confirm that the spread is really small;
  • Leverage depends on the specific instrument. For high-liquid stocks, leverage starts at 20%. For currency pairs, it starts from 5%. For digital currencies, the leverage is limited to 100%. You’re welcome to check with a specific digital currency on their official resource.
  • With €100,000 at hand, you are allowed to participate in an IPO.
  • If a client’s deposit exceeds €50,000, the EXANTE brokerage company can offer to divide the deposit between the two terminals.

As you see, you can greatly benefit from broad collaboration with Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE. Don’t delay your closer acquaintance with the broker till tomorrow.