EXANTE and SEC: unveiling crucial facts


From this review, you will learn why you should stick with the broker EXANTE. First of all, one needs to note the great reliability of this the EXANTE brokerage company. Absolutely all communication channels with liquidity providers within this broker are duplicated. The broker rents servers around the world that provides faster transmission of information and great security.

Meeting the SEC requirements

EXANTE broker is 100% reliable because it complies with the regulations of the SEC. This fact attracts more new customers to the broker.

Technical support

Exante provides customer support seven days a week. The company’s managers work around the clock to provide an instant response to the clients. You can use the following options to reach out to their support service:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Online chat

The company’s website is presented in 5 languages. When contacting their support service, you can specify the preferred language for communication with the broker’s managers.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

To open an account, you need to sign a service agreement remotely. For this purpose, you need to do the following:

  • Register on the site.
  • Confirm the email address provided during registration.
  • You need to send a copy of your passport.

Having met these requirements, the client receives the payment details and can replenish the trading account. You can use only bank transfer for this purpose. Lack of other options for transferring funds can be fairly inconvenient.

Trading stocks and ETFs

When using the trading platform from the EXANTE brokerage company, you get access to more than 10,000 stocks in 30 different venues. From a single account, you can trade stocks in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

It really makes sense to trade stocks with this broker because you can count on the following advantages:

  • There’s a huge choice of stocks, exceeding 10,000.
  • Over 50 different markets are available.
  • Orders are executed very quickly with minimal delay.
  • Prices are set and reflected online. There are special tools to hedge your risks.
  • There’s a possibility of automatic trading.
  • You can use a user-friendly trading platform with a huge number of tools for market analysis.
  • Fairly low commissions.

Futures trading

With the help of this broker, you can get full access to futures trading on the market ranging from the USA to Singapore. With this broker, you can work in 50 futures markets, and thousands of different assets are available for your use.

Key benefits of futures trading with EXANTE:

  • A huge number of exchanges around the world;
  • Over 7,000 financial instruments are available for use.
  • Very fast execution of orders with minimal delay;
  • All prices are set online and broadcast directly from liquidity providers.

Options trading

Trading with the broker gives you access to a vast options market. You can work with stock options, interest rates, indices, and futures contracts. In fact, options are a great way to diversify risks for any investor. It’s a great investment alternative through which you can trade oil, gold, interest rates as well as many other assets.

If you want to trade options, you can do it efficiently and with a low commission. As a potential client of the broker, you can enjoy a huge number of assets, fast execution of trade orders, to say nothing of a very low commission on operations.


Using the EXANTE platform, you can trade government and corporate bonds. What’s more, you can watch your trading positions in real time.

Key advantages of bond trading with EXANTE:

  • Fast online execution of trade orders;
  • Over 3,000 bonds are available;
  • A simple and intuitive trading platform;
  • Low commissions for transactions on bonds.

Currencies and metals

Exante provides access to 50 different currency pairs with incredibly low spreads. By the way, one should note that the company does not act as a counterparty here. In this case, EXANTE acts as an intermediary, taking a commission in the form of a spread. In fact, traders have access to interbank quotes. However, considering the fact that the company is not a contractor to the client’s transactions, a conflict of interest is simply impossible.

As a rule, many low-quality companies act as co-agents for their customers, pursuing their own interests. As a result, clients lose their hard-earned funds. Fortunately, it’s not about EXANTE that acts just as an intermediary. You don’t need to worry about your funds when dealing with this company. So, if you find their relatively large starting deposit affordable, you can get down to trading with this reliable and trustworthy broker.